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Whether you’re a an active investor, or just relocating to Tampa, time is of the essence.  Frustration can sometimes set-in when working with a realtor who doesn’t pre-qualify your needs, hence wasting time and purchasing opportunities. This happens frequently when buyers work with an agent that is not focused on their needs.

Enter WCN Home Solutions. They’re true professionals that listen and put your needs or priorities first.

What matters most to you in a home?

Do you need to be in a specific location or school district?

Does a home need to have certain features or be in a specific condition?

These are important details that the seasoned pros at WCN Home Solutions will use to ensure an EFFICIENT and PLEASANT home buying experience.

How long will this take? As long as it takes to find you exactly the right house. You might see 10 homes or you might see 100 homes – both are possible. The important thing here is the outcome and finding you just the right home.

Get the Most for Your Real Estate Dollar! Call WCN Home Solutions!

Buyer Win Purchase Strategies Utilized by WCN Home Solutions

Strong Investments &
a Source of Future Income

Recurring clients that acquire and invest in condominiums and townhomes. Provides passive income and family vacation destinations. Consistently attracts quality tenants and strong rental rates.

Investment Strategy: Buy, hold, rent

Real Estate Investment Firms
& Property Management

Responsible for partnering with and acquiring single family homes for IH2 (Blackstone) investment firm strictly for rental purposes.

Investment Strategy: Relationship-based investment planning and property management services.

Buyer and Agent Teamwork

Recurring sellers and new buyers. Services include the professional coordination of the home search, property marketing, negotiation of purchase or sale and details of closing. Empathetic, persevering customer service from dedicated agents.

Purchase Strategy: Provide information and advice to help clients make informed decisions. Successful transaction completion.

Pre-Foreclosures, Foreclosures
and Short Sales

Familiarity with the process for each type of sale. Protects buyers’ interest with honesty and integrity. Local market and community knowledge, utilizing the latest technology and providing clients with a boutique buying experience.

Purchase Strategy: Savvy negotiation in a complex process.

Let Us Improve Your Home Buying or Selling Experience!